Taylor Lane Roadway Improvements for City of Dania Beach




Taylor Lane is a 2,000 linear foot section of roadway located in the City of Dania Beach adjacent to the Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport and the Dania Cut-Off Canal and associated Marinas. As part of the development of the south runway extension at the airport, stormwater run-off was re-directed and has adversely impacted Taylor Lane. This roadway provides the only access to the marinas located on the north side of Dania Cut Off Canal west of US 1. Our design included the development of drainage improvements within the roadway and the development of a dry retention area to collect the stormwater run-off from the roadway. We are currently involved in the contractor selection and are overseeing the preparation of the contract. We will be coordinating with Broward County Aviation Department for the contractor selection and ultimate completion of the improvements.

This project included:

  • Coordination with County and Government to expedite the project
  • Topographic Survey and Existing Condition Assessment
  • Design and Permitting of the drainage system to help alleviate roadway flooding
  • Design of the Drainage System to meet local drainage criteria
  • Pavement Marking and Signage Design
  • Provide Engineering Services during construction to certify the completion of the project