Runway Incursion Mitigation (Taxiways A&D) for Miami Executive Airport (TMB)





The scope of work involved the preparation of plans and specifications necessary to modify TMB Taxiways “A” and “D” wide expansive pavement to a reduced width size to accommodate Airplane Design Group (ADG) III aircraft.  

This project was in response to FAA’s identifying this segment of the airfield under the FAA Runway Incursion Mitigation (RIM) Program.  Airfield geometry was identified as a primary contributing factor for runway incursion in this case. To address these existing issues, the FAA initiated a comprehensive multi-year RIM program to identify, prioritize, and develop strategies to help airport sponsors mitigate risk at these locations.

We were the Prime Consultant on this project to mitigate the runway incursion potential.  The future airport layout plan included the reconfiguration of Taxiways “A” and “D” at the entrance points to Runways 9L and 13 to eliminate the wide, expansive pavement.  Our main activities in this project were:

This project included:

  • Topographic Survey
  • Civil Engineering and Stormwater Management measures
  • Pavement design, demolition, and reconfiguration
  • Existing lighting modifications and proposed taxiway and runway lighting design
  • SWPPP and SWPP Report
  • Construction Phasing Coordination and Staging area determination
  • Estimate of Construction Cost
  • Construction Management support services
  • Project certification and close-out